Vic passed away suddenly on December 26, 2014, at  the age of 28. He left behind family, friends, and the Whiting High School Football Family.

Victor (Vic) Sahagun (1986- 2014) was a Whiting High School football coach, Whiting High School alum and a dedicated student community advocate for kids to participate in sports to enhance the total student sportsmanship and growth experience throughout their high school years.  Vic gave his time to the student-athletes of Whiting High School developing and providing leadership opportunities for student athletes and fostering activities that support sports school spirit. Vic was known for his passion and energy for the game of football. He dedicated his life to the game and in improving the student-athletes of Whiting. Whether it was in the weight room, on the field, or in the classroom, Vic expected his players to perform at their highest and to realize their full potential. His no-nonsense style of coaching is one that the players of Whiting gravitated towards.